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Is it cool?

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  1. Hey Guys!

    Go check out res 7000 on SMP3 (JaydenIrwin). His amazing mithrintia-styled village brings excitement to the res's around him! He would be a great member for the build team. He is also an amazing leader. Thanks! :D P.S. You won't regret checking out 7000 on SMP3!
  2. If you're friend is interested in applying for the build team, tell him to start a conversation with Maxarias and krysyyjane9191 and include screenshots of his best build work. :)
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  3. ok ty
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  4. Ty, but you should still check out 7000 on SMP3, ITS STUNNING!!!!!!!!
  5. just saying but there really isnt any such style as "mithrintia-styled" building as its another buildteam/server. and another player was showing me their little village earlier and saying that they already applied for build team. i know its not really any of my business just thought i would put that out there
  6. Ok, How about I call it..... medieval? Castle-Themed?
  7. Oh, and just FYI, Mithrintia is a MC style