Amazing Food Thread!

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  1. OK, so this thread is to post anything about deliousce foods. From pictures to explainations!
    So I'll start mine is a nice thick cut of steak, grilled medium rare, seasoned with steak sauce and salt. Yummy! :)
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  2. I'm making steak tonight too! Mine is flank steak, pinwheel style, stuffed with feta cheese and spinach. I'm serving it along side grilled vegetable kabobs. Those have mushrooms, 3 kinds of bell peppers, zucchini, summer squash and onions. We'll also have broccoli, rice and cheese casserole. Gonna be tasty :D
  3. My favorite is when im camping. Our last Wednesday we always have steak and we cook it over a wood fire. It is just pure awesomeness..... also we make fried chicken , fries and onion rings over the fire and those are just as good.
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  4. can i come to your house for supper?
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  5. whats your favorite cut of steak?
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  6. I'm partial to Ribeye, myself. I like them medium think and marbled with fat. Salt, Pepper, a nice hot grill. Sear the stuffing out of them and serve them rare :D
  7. Probably T-Bone. It makes it taste so juicy over the fire. Just add Lowrys Seasoned salt, Pepper, Onion powder, and garlic powder but in small amounts. If you do this it will taste awesome.

    If you do it right you will not need any sauce.
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  8. your making me so hungry :p
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  9. mmmmmmmmmmmmm
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  10. Chicken. Nuff said. :p I like lots of grilled chicken with barbecue and teryaki sauce.
  11. My mom's soup has to be the best thing on God's green Earth.
  12. My Grandaddy used to say that steak sauce was only for bad steak. I do like a little bit of A1 or Heinz57 sometimes, though.

    My favorite way to fancy up a steak is to smother it with medallions of blue cheese herbed butter. Take equal parts blue cheese crumbles and softened butter and stir it together with some thyme, or maybe chives. Then you roll it up into a log with waxed paper and let it set up again in the fridge or freezer so it's easy to slice. After you flip your steaks for the last time, crumble a couple slices over the steak and let them melt.

    It's like, so tasty it's impossible to describe!
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  13. cheeseburger!!:D
  14. Salmon filets, noodles, and salad. Delicious!
  15. Medium Rare filet mignon. Who else is hungry?
  16. Pumpkin pie, Nuff' said.
    Cupcakes, Nuff' said.
    Bacon, Nuff' said.
  17. Bacon FTW!

  18. The most epic thing, I have ever seen.
  19. :O where do they sell those by the bilions dozen?
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  20. Whoever made those...
    Is a genius.