Amadai's Temple -- #7321 -- Buying mats from YOU!

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by amadai, Jan 14, 2012.

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    I'm starting another project on the lot next to my first "castle"--This time I'm thinking of a temple/pagoda creation. Will have lots of redstone!
    Anyway, I'm looking for some help. I have a shop right a across from the new lot, on 7320, where I'm buying
    -Dyes (black, bonemeal so far)
    -Logs (oak and pine)
    -Blocks (Bricks, Stone, Stone Bricks, Mossy Bricks)
    Stop by if you ever want to make money. Anything you sell is greatly appreciated :)

    Also, shoutout to uriel, d1223m, scarligmione, faustlauncher, slepnirson and shooter00 who have helped a ton with donations. Thanks guys!
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  2. Oh my, this is wonderful! What a great build this is! I will see what I can source (if I can) for you :)
  3. Thanks MR2R2M : D
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  4. i might put in some logs or sumfing, hope it turns out allrite!
  5. if u need piston doors or somthing im your man! (little pay necessary)
  6. Also, amadai , if u want help building just give me a holla
  7. I am really happy to see more people putting up sell prices on their shops! It adds a whole new trading dimension to the game for me. I will be sure to stock your shop regularly :)

    Also, you have the most epic constructions in all of Empire - IMO. I am seriously awe-struck and humbled by your residence Amadai.
  8. Thank you Sanitymops, that's very flattering!
    If you stop by my shop, let me know if my prices are too low. I try to make it worthwhile to sell there, so people aren't losing money. Also, I won't resell anything I've gotten through the shop, it'll all be used for construction. Everyone selling is helping me build my stuff : D
  9. I keep a spreadsheet of prices so I will let you know if you are on the mark or not, but in the end if it is selling for higher, keep it up! haha.
  10. Thanks but I know how to use redstone : P
  11. dangit... can u refer me to friends? *looks hopeful*
  12. If I see that anyone needs help, I'll send them your way : )