[AMA] StarKnight27 intro? :3

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by StarKnight27, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. Hello and welcome to EMC! Waffles or pancakes?
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  2. hi! and as much as I think dogs are cute (since I own a French bulldog), I prefer myself as a cat person ( I also own a Siamese cat). :)
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  3. hello! I see myself eating more waffles in the year than pancakes :p
  4. your community's Webtoon wielder :)
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  5. Thank you for your welcoming. Ive had some nice faces welcome me around. If those are your train sketches those are amazing! I myself am an artists but atm I spent more time drawing on paper. I am learning how to draw on the computer tho. :) Hope we can learn from eachother.
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  6. Saw on the previous page that you're on smp7. Just in case you don't know. You can move to other smps as well if you so wish. You just need to unclaim your current home, go to the smp you wish to move to and then claim a new residence there that isn't yet claimed by someone or is derelict. And if this has confused you at all then ask Commander for help. Welcome to EMC btw. Hope you have fun! (Also beware of the evil waffle frog queen Moople) :p
  7. Welcome to EMC! :)
    D'ya like squids?
  8. I wasn't aware I could change to another residence, Thank you! commander has given me plenty of advice and has helped me plenty. Thank you for the welcoming, and ive been warned of the one called moople but thank you. :)
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  9. hmm it would depend, I don't like the ones that spill ink on my carpet. other than that I can see us being great friends :)
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  10. d'ya liek aliens?

    particularly martians? :O
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  11. Of course! who am I to judge anyone? Animal, alien, person, spaceship, judgement is based on their personality. Look forward to getting to know you and any other fellow personnel's.
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  12. Hello Starknight27 welcome to emc, hope to see your wonder self on smp2!
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  13. Hi there! Thank you for the warm welcoming! ill be sure to visit smp2 sometime!
  14. Cheers mate!
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  15. bump
  16. I forgot to see this... But anyways welcome to EMC Star I hope you have a nice experience here. *welcoming rattle* :)
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  17. Hey Star.. welcome to the empire.
    Remember good friends will come many ways and all your life long... so no way have you failed.