[AMA] My 3rd Year

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  1. So I am typing this with all limbs tied except for my fingers. BlackKnight1021 has so graciously informed me I needed to post an AMA or else he would not let me out of his locked basement-dungeon.

    So I will sit down here while trying to eat the dregs of tea and scraps of food he hurls down at me from atop the staircase (I don't get much to eat of that; the rats have an advantage in numbers).

    In the meantime I will answer anything you have to ask me here. It is an Ask Me Anything after all.

    Also BlackKnight has kindly asked me to point out that you can't ask me about my captivity.
    It can be about how I've been here on EMC for 3 years or anything else your cold heart desires.

    Looks like Black's bringing me down a bowl of old dishwater to keep me hydrated.
    Have fun asking your questions!
  2. The key is taped under the coffee table, you may have 1 hour of sunshine.

    Can I borrow about tree fiddy?
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  3. No, because you already took my wallet.
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  4. You should keep more money in there, I could only buy 47 flat screen TVs with the cash you had.
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  5. Do you Potato?
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  6. I throw a balloon at you. How do you react?
    • Who makes the better wife, you or BK?
    • Egg roll, egg-drop soup, or eggcelsior?
    • What was your unluckiest moment?
    *throws birdseed cake*
  7. Do you love me?

  8. I go all Kung Fury on it.
    • I am the better wife, I lay the eggs.
    • Egg-drop soup
    • Almost losing my bird outside.
    And thank you for the cake, it was delicious.

    I love birds.
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  9. Do you love bears?
    • Do you love me?
    • Where did the love for birds come from?
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  10. Do you regret nothing?
  11. My love is for the birds.
    • Are you bird? Then yes.
    • Idk, something that's been a part of me my whole life.
  12. I'm in the same boat with BrenJone on this one.
  13. are you deep fried in the morning?
    • Do you love me?
    • What is your favourite car? :D
  14. Might be, might not be, idk I've never noticed. Too tired in the mornings to care.
    • I love birds.
    • As a Nebraskan with a potato camera:
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  15. why is the sky green?