[AMA / LB Ind. Special Giveaway] 2 Years Here on EMC

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  1. Would ya look at that, 2 years! Chances are that after all this time you still don't know some things about me. As this is an AMA thread, well, ask me anything!

    One thing you won't have to ask about, however, is who has been there for me in those 2 years, in game, out of game, wherever. Those people are part of my real life and are indispensable to my livelihood.
    Context --> I go to a boarding school

    Penguintwist1 - Introduced me to EMC, good friend of mine. Because of his introducing me, I was able to then in turn get the rest of this list to be a part of EMC
    BrenJone - Friend of 11 years (and the "B" in LB Ind.!)
    BlackKnight1021 - Roommate, friend, practically a brother
    WhitLegend885 - Roomed across the hall from me, knew him from my youth
    smidgetpwnr69 - Roomed with Whit, we got him to join EMC awesomely enough
    Bennybeebop - My little brother. I'm his main role model (which would explain why he's on EMC :cool:)

    Also, a couple others who I do not remember the usernames of because they haven't played in so long. But they're cool people; I can guarantee that.

    . . .

    So on to my little giveaway. . . It took some bugging of BrenJone to finally let me do it, but he eventually approved. ;) The prize is as follows:
    So what are you waiting for?! Let's get this giveaway rolling!
    Questions are not required, however they are appreciated.
    1. PlayTehMinecraft
    2. BlackKnight1021
    3. deathconn
    4. RebelSpartan0826
    5. havioxs
    6. SDOliveira
    7. Cfcdog13
    8. BabyCreepersRule
    9. Lukas3226
    10. Ark_Warrior1
    11. NathanRP
    12. redfire23
    13. canuckshockey
    14. DaemonSpadeXD
    15. tedrocker
    16. hashhog3000
    17. bringmeacloud
    18. minemanluke
    19. generalfelino015
    20. KillaSpartan5
    21. SkareCboi
    22. tuqueque
    23. Gap542
    24. 607
    25. Moonglum_
    26. karatekick2001
    27. Kippy159
    28. Dj__Krazy
    29. Ironicswordplay
    30. Wolfthunderblade
    31. Usb25
    32. iMajesticx
    33. ChocoboXV
    34. BailiB
    35. EffinBatman
    36. JaydenIrwin
    37. PenguinDJ
    38. crabcakes200m
    39. Ultimamaxx
    40. Saint311
    41. NoahMarcusWhite
    42. BobTheTomato9798
    43. BubbleNinja13
    44. huckleberry24
    45. High_Jacker

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  2. Wow! 2 years!? Congratz :D How did you find empire minecraft?
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  3. #102 please
    Do you have a bird who is green and lucky? If so, how awesome is he?
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  4. No need to choose a number guys, Iwill list you in order of posting :D.
    Penguintwist1 introduced me to the entire idea of servers, the main one being the Empire. Back on my old computer, I would average about 1 fps if I got lucky, but that did not make the experience bad. I could read the chat and build (though with some struggle). I decided to stay, and eventually we got a new computer, so everything was fine then.

    You decide his awesomeness.
  5. How old is your bird?
    How young is your bird?
    What's your bird's age?
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  6. The swag level is OVER 9000!!!
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  7. 4 years or so

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  8. Congrats on two years Lucky! Cant wait for Three!
    Edit: I forgot the Most Important Part!
    What makes your Green Bird Lucky?
  9. 1095 days . . . is a lot of days :eek:

    He's lucky to be alive

    Nah, but it had to do with me getting him in March around St. Pat's day.
  10. Thats a cool way to make a username Lucky :cool:
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  11. Congrats for 2 years:)
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  12. Congratulations on 2 years! :D
    Is "The Grand Line" a reference to One Piece? :D
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  13. Indeed ;)
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  14. Congrats on 2 years!!! :p
    Whats the biggest thing you have ever built on EMC?
  15. It would be an incomplete dirt box, seen right there in the winter biome. In the top right corner is a village for scale.

    The point of this box? Mob farm of course! Once I finish the inside, roof, and install 30,000 trapdoors. . . it will be finished!
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  16. Cool ill enter I guess...
  17. So.. uhmm... How does it work? Are you adding them or did you write a super fancy program doing it for you?
  18. I am the program.
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