[AMA] Its been a long time, SkareCboi's 1000th post AMA

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  1. SkareCboi's Ask Me Anything
    Fire Away
    Here where the questions will be added as they are asked (Once your post has been liked it will mean it has been answered here):
    Few Things about me first
    - Favourite colour: Yellow
    - Where I'm from: Melbourne, Australia
    Your turn.
    - How much gold do I have? I have probably produced close 50DCs of blocks not sure lost count
    - What do you think of this http://www.haneke.net? My first answer is what do you time in google to find this? This is to complicated to follow all these balls around. I did notice that there is a repeating pattern.
    - Whats my profile pic? Its ISIS Chan a character used to counter act IS. More info on http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/isis-chan
    - Whats 0/0? I don't do iPhone questions, I have a passionate hate for everything that is Apple
    - How long did it take you to build your res on smp4? I have many res on smp4, ill assume your talking about the cane farm. The build doesn't take very long if you have the materials and a Jump Boost 2 beacon. The hard part was getting all the pistons. But I may change it all one day to gold blocks.
    - Whats your favourite minecraft egg? I like the Zombie Pigmen more inportantly the baby ones. Mostly because babies seem to drop ingots at a higher drop rate than regular pigmen. Also gold is yellow =P
  2. How much gold ... GOOOOLDDDDDDD!!! Do you have?
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  4. Who is your profile picture of?
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  5. Whats 0/0? (Secret, Ask Siri "What is 0 divided by 0") ;)
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  6. How long did it take you to build your res on smp4? o.o
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  7. congrats :D whats your favourite minecraft egg?
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