[AMA] im bored :P

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  1. ama= ask me anything
  2. Why are you bored?
  3. its like 10:00 and im watching some show from the 80's...
  4. What do you like to do besides Minecraft?
  5. sports (football/basketball)
  6. Choose one:


    what the cheese is buddar? I mine gold. :D
  7. always Buddar
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  8. wen i get bor3d i ride my bike den git hert din i has excuse to pway mincaft and i leik ya but din i get bored. What do you do when you get bored?
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  9. wel wen i get bord i somtims wach moovys :cool:
  10. Is your cereal pregnant? What cereal is it?
  11. o rly??????? i suntimz doo to buh wecintwy sum guy wus leik moovys arntt col no mor and iz leik wut????? i leik moovys doh so ya.
    I know how to sound like a noob because I used to be one.
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  12. no my cereal is not pregnant :D, it is wheaties :cool:
  13. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
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  14. I don't like Klondike bar
  15. Have you been bored for 23 hours? Or has that 80's show ended?

  16. right now im watching full house :(
  17. My sisters are obsessed with that stupid show... LOL.

    I have two 11 year old sisters...
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  18. i have 3 sisters.
  19. I'm so sorry… older or younger?
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