AMA & give away, yo.

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  1. Hellloo:)
    I'm Jade andd I live on smp2 and 5. I used to live on smp9 though:)
    But anywayy, feel free to ask me anything you want here :3

    And for the give away part:)
    With every question add a number 1-50 and ill put it on a list and pick 5 winners:)
    1st place prize: a DC of slime balls:)
    2nd place prize: 10k
    3rd place prize: A DC of instant health II potions
    4th place prize: 5k
    5th place prize: A stack of diamonds:)

    Give away will end Tuesday at 9pm est:)

    2 Jack
    6 Matheus
    7 Pig
    8 Mindlegokid
    9 Nickipoo
    10 Currundu
    11 Kevdudeman
    12 pro_
    13 the truffle
    14 laurenmc17
    15 laurenmc17
    16 Southy
    18 Kman
    20 OrigamiJoe
    22 kman
    23 Jrlizard
    24 superg
    25 hylianninja
    26 super g
    27 iamkhatru
    28 Ninjaboy5656:D
    29 Teryydaterrorist
    30 Penfoldex
    31 bitemenow15
    32 Jakers
    33 kman
    34 south
    35 Deathtomb8953
    36 jkjk
    38 Stew
    39 Bitemenow
    40 hylianninja
    41 Ahzeriel
    42 dwighty
    43 Dwight
    44 Kman
    45 Stew
    46 bad man simon:D
    47 stew
    48 south
    49 Kman
    50 stew
    51 kirby
    52 kirby
  2. Why are you a potato? (1)
    Like auctions? >:) (2)
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  3. How did you get interested in minecraft? #7
    Have you ever wanted to try to fly? #10
    How did you find EMC? #27
    What is an approximate amount of diamonds you have collected on EMC? #50
    Do you play sports? If so, which ones? #20
    How do you get so many slime balls.... :eek:? #3
    When is your birthday? #2
    What type of musics do you like? #47

    BTW, the way i read the OP it makes me think i can ask this many questions with all these #s....
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  4. why is your photo all round?
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  5. That's exactly how i wanted you to do this:)
    I can answer these later when I am not on a mobile:)
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  6. Opinion on red pandas? (and 12, thanks!)
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  7. Ok, I just didnt wanna get myself confused.
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  8. Are you cat mad :p 14

    When did you leave smp9 :) 15
  9. I'm i a bad neighbor? 32
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  10. How did you get thug mart so thuggy? =P And 41 please =)
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  11. Did you really buy a office chair just for your cat to sit by you? :p 5

    What's the meaning of life? 42
  12. I use a fish eye lens:)
    cause potatos are the best. (Too lazy to go find my old sig)
    Auctions are rad.
  13. Why do you have that video in your signature? 4 please :D
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  14. What kind of cookie did you give your cat? #37:)
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  15. Is there more than one plergs? 16
    How often do you derp jump around on a residence? 48
    Approximately how many cat beds have taken residence on people's plots? 34
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  17. Does JC stand for JadeChance?;) #36
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  18. What would you do for a Klondike bar?

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  19. Can you like put a spoiler thing with #s taken, makes it easier for everyone.... xD
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  20. I'm on my phone D:
    But fineee; ill try.
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