[AMA] Deaths 1200 th Day.

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  1. Figure these are a thing here, and they look like they could be fun to answer some question people may have about me. 1200 seemed like a nice round number so figured I would do something fun. I do however reserve the right to not any any question I feel to be too personal.

    So go ahead, Ask Me Anything.
  2. Why did you decide for EMC to be the server that you spend 4 years on?
  3. Can I borrow about tree fiddy?

    Also, you were gone (or less active) from EMC for a good bit of time. What made you decide to come back?
  4. Whats you most expensive promo?
  5. Well The community is amazing and has been from the start, Players are active, Diverse and overall fun to be around.

    Well I never intended on fully leaving, When I did a lot of side projects came up aside from the "reason for my leaving" and life became more of a nightmare between health and my build team EMC Just didn't get much attention from me. But a few months ago Everything fell apart and me and my build team lost our build server and the other stuff shut down, which lead to the lost of the build server, So I had Quit Minecraft altogether... it was some dark times. Alas one day I felt like talk with some old friends mainly @iamkahtru or "Kat" as she request to be called by. She happened to be online and after some chatting I felt like giving it another go and well here I am.

    Ore Buster. I have many of them. But I would not consider them my most expensive items however.
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  6. If you were a genie, and a person asked this wish, "I wish for this wish not to be granted," what would you do???
  7. I would summon a snicker and tell him to eat, then have them ask me another question.
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