[AMA] Crazy_TJ's One Year!

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  1. Hey there EMC community, you may have seen me around. I am Crazy_TJ (Duh) and soon I'll be hitting on year on EMC! So, as a celebration, I'll be doing a ask me anything. And who knows, I may be doing a giveaway if enough people join this AMA. Be sure to share any screenies you have with me :)

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  2. I'll make a massive compilation.
    Can I have the lambo now?
  3. >.<
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  4. What is the precise time and date of your one year?

    Why is your name Crazy_TJ? ..are you actually crazy?

    What is your biggest accomplishment on EMC?
  5. That's an easy to answer question
  6. What is your favorite mob on minecraft? :)
  7. Not sure... :p

    My dad made me the name "CrazyTJ100 In December 2011. I haven't really thought of a better name so I stuck with it.

    Mainly not sure, once again. I'll think and edit it in.
    The ghast :)
  8. Le Bumpe :)
    • What is the definition of life? How can we tell for sure life from not-life?
    • What are those side stiches that we get when we run? Is there a way to make them stop?
    • How could we make an AI have free will and not follow any programmed instructions when that is already a programmed instruction? How could such an AI learn to make choices by itself without us creating parameters for choice making??
    • What was there before the big bang? If nothing was there, what triggered it?
    • Why do we expect aliens to be technologically intelligent beings when we ourselves are the only technologically intelligent species known among all other species? Isn't it a little egocentric to think that we are the best model for evolution in the whole universe, or even here on earth?
    • Do you believe it is butter?
    • It depends which perspective you look from
    • The actual cause of side stitches is still uncertain. There are a few competing ideas, all of which have some evidence to support them. Traditionally, it was though that ischemia, or a decrease in bloodflow, to the diaphragm (the muscle which expands your lungs and allows you to breathe) causes localized irritation and pain.
    • Not sure...
    • It must have been a white space. When a particle collapsed (Like the large hadron collider) it would have trigged a reaction, causing the big bang?
    • Movies :p
    • That's hard....
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