[AMA Contest] Charity Residence

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  1. Dales13 and ToriDesu's Charity Fundraiser!
    ToriDesu, dales13, and the players of EMC!
    Depends on the speed of the plot,stay tuned!( Will be told on a later date)
    Dales13 and I came up with the idea of a charity residence, what it is, we looks through forums and chats for upcoming project or to any player small projects and gather items to help them out!
    SMP 3, residence # 7323 for party or SMP1 residence # 1386 for donations
    The prize?: Well.. we need prizes! We needs donations to make this a huge success and fun idea!
    Donation list:
    4 stacks of redstone blocks - dales13
    2 stacks of coal blocks -dales13
    1 eff 4 book -dales13
    2 stacks of endstone -dales13
    1 dales13 head -dales13
    1 name tag -dales13
    2 stack oak logs -dales13
    2 stacks nether wart -dales13
    1 single chest of eggs -ToriDesu
    1 stack melons -ToriDesu
    2 stacks sandstone -ToriDesu
    Whole EMC Starter Kit(Armor pick and sword) -ToriDesu
    1 horse egg, 1 donkey egg, 1 mule egg -ToriDesu
    1k- Mindlegokid
    1k -Shon14
    325 villager eggs -Mindlegokid
    854 sandstone blocks -Mindlegokid
    3k- TheMiner333
    1728 glowstone- WCG_Elite
    5 stacks of steak -Slash14459
    1 stack of mossy stone brick -Slash14459
    2 stacks oak logs -Slash14459
    2 stacks of mycelium -Slash14459
    5 stacks of nether brick block -Slash14459
    94 sheep eggs- WCG_Elite
    83 redstone- WCG_Elite
    1 stack iron bars- WCG_Elite
    38 ice- WCG_Elite
    2 villager eggs- WCG_Elite
    1 sticky piston- WCG_Elite
    2 normal piston- WCG_Elite
    2 stacks jungle wood minus 1- WCG_Elite
    5 melon seeds- WCG_Elite
    4 redstone lamps + 4 redstone torches- WCG_Elite
    46 glowstone- WCG_Elite
    2 signs and 2 dirt- WCG_Elite
    We need need need donations to make this opening amazing! Rupee donations go to dales13 and to donate blocks and items go to either res and donate, so please donate!!!
    Now, how do you win?
    You win by writing a book, or pm to ToriDesu about who you think deserves the prize, and why. The judging will be by ToriDesu and both dales13.
    It will now be a Ask me anything raffle! So here how it goes:
    Ask me anything about THE CHARITY, not me personally along with a number to be entered, simple!

    There will be 2 winners! (Or more depends on donations)
    If you have any questions contact ToriDesu or dales13
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  2. GO CHARETY :)
  3. I love this idea! I will donate lodz of villager eggs and a special cat when I get on! And... whatever I can find in my nearby chests. :)
    Also will donate 1k. 500r to both of you. :)
  4. Thank you very much :) You will be added to the list


    1. Reindeer_

    2. Hashhog3000

    3. JZH1000

    4. generalfelino015

    5. Runningrhino

  5. thanks so much for the donations already, but like the threat said please donate all the rupees to me so the money doesnt get split up somewhere and with 1 person that handles the money it is easyer to keep track of, further thanks for the quick anwer, and GO CHARETY
  6. I would be happy to help. I tried to start the first major charity on EMC a month or 2 back but it did not go well. I would be happy to help.
  7. Whatever you donate will be added to the list
  8. Can you set up an access chest? I may be able to donate alot of sandstone to. :)
  9. On smp1 or smp3?
  10. All set up
  11. BUMP come on guys must be more people that have a good heart, right?
  12. Put....eh

    3k donation to start out, will give more as time goes.

    (Will pay as soon as I can, few days max)
  13. THANKS SO MUCH, will be added on the list when ToriDesu is online :D

    for the money please pay it to me since i get all the donation money and it is easyr to keep track of than. thanks agian for the generous donation