[AMA] Brick's 2000th post ;3

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by brickstrike, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Muffin 'Nuff said.
    This is an AMA, so ask me anything ;3 :p
  2. How many posts do you have?

    What is your best memory of Minecraft?

    Why are you obsessed with muffins?
  3. 1) this will be my 2002th post. :p
    2) Trolling my friends. One time, in a Skype call, I trolled him so hard, he almost quit minecraft for a week /rage quit xD
    3) Because, muffin.
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  4. You shall never beat your alts 4,200+ posts! :D
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  5. Am I sure of that? I will catch up... I will be in the highest members box and the member following the most people...
    Watch me, alt....
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  6. You wish... And I have officially moved up in the world, I have now overtaken jkjkjk182 in the highest posting members box! :D
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  7. Challenge Accepted... But, first, I have to get ride of the evidence, let's play a game... Can your pet...?
  8. do you think that you can follow more people than me?