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  1. Yes! AMA on me!
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  2. Do you hate cheese?
  3. What's your favourite colour and why?
    And what do you think of this face: >.< ?
  4. No. I like cheese!

    Black and red because I just like it.
    Awesome face. (Eh, I didn't expected to see that answer from real DarkDash)
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  5. Ya got a favorite movie?
  6. My favorite movie is Django unchained.
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  7. Alright another question then, if you like black and red, why is your skin black and ... blue?
    And because you think it's awesome here it is again: >.<

    Sleepy, your sig! "Totally doesn't sing J-pop in the shower"
    -> "who needs coffee when you have J- and K-pop? >.<"
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  8. I don't know.... I just like the skin for unknown reason... Oh my. And it has normal face too!
  9. :D I <3 cheese (not swiss >.<)