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  1. Well, its amazing how ive made it to this extrodnary day in EMC. Ive finally hit 500 days of being on EMC.

    Ive meet many people throughout the 500 days of being on EMC. Many i know in person and most i only know through the game.

    Ive started to become less talkative and more independant with myself. Ive stopped talking over much in town chat. ive just kinda started to keep to myself lately. Ive noticed im not much of a bother to many. I would rather keep to myself and stay out over everyones way. So i dont cause any trouble.

    There are a few people that have been with me since i started EMC. Ive had gret times with them in the past and still today i have a good time.

    Ive argued in the past over and over and sometimes still argue today. But somehow, we manage to work out those differences we have and let the past stay in the past.
    I have been childish on EMC when i first started out. Ive changed and ive seem a difference over the time of being on EMC. I hope to keep working on that.

    Im more of a modern kinda person. I love to build modern and redesign my res over and over. I honestly cant keep the same thing for long.
    I do have OCD, if its not clear, even or neat, i can lose it. If it means taking down a res to fix it, i would.

    My life was gret untell i moved to North Carolina. Once i moved, my life went upside down.

    I guess i really changed to how i used to act, when we moved to North Carolina. I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. It was really hard for me to move and leave all of my friends. We moved in September of 2009. I started school in the middle of the year. So i did fail my grade, but i passed at the last semister.

    Im a huge city person, out current house in far out in the counrty. Which i hate terribly. I want to live in a suburb, with people around us. I love the city live, i hate this cournty.

    Im going to start 11th grade this year. I start 11th grade once o get off a Boeing 747-800 from Sea-Tac International Airport. I will be so happy when i leave North Carolina in August. I wish i can move back to Seattle. :/

    There have been times on EMC i was kicked and banned. I feel stupid of making those mistakes. I wish i can go back and fix everything i did wrong. I hope i can never make one of those mistakes again.
    Ive been bullyed even since i moved to North Carolina. Once i started 6th grade here in NC. That, is when the bullying really started for me. Over the years it just got worse. At some points i couldn't take it. Everyone just kept going and going. There were at points i would try and skip classes so i didnt have to take the bullying. But i was always told to leave and go to class. Ive been called so many names over the years for being bullyed.

    After 7th grade, i found a small private school near my home. I did reseach into what the school was and what it offered. I told my grandma i wanted to leave HMS ( Henderson Middle School ). She told me i could, but i needed to make good grades if i went there. I told her, i would do anything to leave that school.
    So, i started my 8th grade year and the small Chrstian school. I was fine for the first 3 months untell i was getting bullyed once again. The teachers never did anything. Which was pointless. I got through the first year of being there. The bullying was not as bad at HMS.

    My 9th grade year was just as bad as HMS. ( I dont wanna talk about that year. Just to make it clear, I lost it all and just broke down from the 3 years of stress. )

    Once i started my 10th grade year. I had enough of it. I become really quiet and just stopped talking all together. I just let everything roll off my mind and didnt even bother to listen to anyone. Around the end of my 10th grade year. I made no more than 4 new friends.

    Christnie, Melissa, Meghan and Juliana
    Those are some of my closet friends. Everyone else im my class was just Meh towards me.
    Ive really stopped letting bullying get to me. Ive dealt with it so much over the years, i just dont listen to it anymore.

    Going back to the point of this 500th Day Extravengansa.

    Most of what i said was my actions and terrible history when i moved to North Carolina.

    I would like to mention my friends ive made on EMC:

    JcPlugs ( and her many Alts )

    Those people are some of the great friends ive made over the past 500 days of EMC.

    Me and jenneth. we used to aruge over and over in the past. We just went head to head on alot of stuff. We've just stopped arguing and just become friends after each time we would argue.

    I guess i went way of topic to this AMA thread. :/
    I just wanted most of the people to know why ive acted like ( crap and that ) in the past. I hope everyone can understand what ive been though and hope you all can forgive me.

    To end this.
    Feel free to ask me any questions. I hope to answer questions soon. :)
    Thank you everyone for making me feel great while playing on EMC...

    I honesty can't beileve i forgot my BFOACGFLAD.


    Me and her have been friends since i started on EMC. She is one of thee best out there.! :D
  2. ._________________. Mother Of Carrots!

    No, just no!
  3. Rupay balance
  4. Thug life or slug lyfe?

    Also, congrats on 500 days. I wish I got on emc faster XD
  5. 100,000 even.
  6. Slug_Life.

    I have no mean bone in my body! :/
  7. Why am I not on the friend list?:(
  8. D: we joined around the same time

    Y u liek aeroplainsss so much?!?!!1!

    Edit:krysyys on yo list twice boi
  9. Nice job getting to 500 days!
    Do you think I'm ?
  10. pretty.
  11. If you became a carrot, would you die? or would you go on carrot adventures? If Carrot adventures, what adventures would you go on, with what other vegetables, and what all would happen?
  12. I'm sorry about your bullying, but I'm glad to hear you're doing a bit better. Has EMC helped you out? :D
    Favorite color?
    Favorite animal?
    If you could get anything you wanted (as in a thing not like flying powers or invincibility) what would it be

    ^ Typical questions right there... :)
  13. Most of those people on the list. Are really close or really good friends of mine. :/
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  14. I dont know why im so crazy about planes. I guess its cause they can take you anywhere. :D

    I need to look before i type i guess. :p
  15. Thanks Nick. If you were going to ask me If your pretty. My answer would be .____.. :p
  16. No...... just no.
  17. Emc has done many things.

    Orange and like a dark shade of Aqua.

    Red Panda, Snowy owl and Snowy Fox. :D

    I would want. To wither move back to Seattle. Or, i would want a 747-800! :D
  18. Im.... I'm not on that list....
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  19. I thought i added you into the list. :/
    This isn't the orginal one i made. This is a remade one.

    You should be on there. Sorry cordial! :/