AMA 365 days of EMC

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  1. Hey,
    Maybe you know me from smp1, ive beena round for a year now with some stops :) wanna know something about me, ask me :) have a nice day! Thanks to all the nice people who made playing here fun...

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  2. How did you join?
  3. I found this server on some server list thingy :D
  4. What is ONE major thing that has made you stay here so long? Many congrats on your special birthdayyy :)
  5. What is the thing you like most about EMC?:)
  6. The nice plots and the shop system and of course, the nice community!
    That would be the community, Everyone is so nice except some of the ... Not nice people :) But everyone is just SO nice! and everyone helps me :)
  7. well, somethimes you need to ignore some people to have a fun time, and the best way to ignore them is: /mute


    EDIT: i would like it if you would check out my threat.
  8. congratulations on being here for a year! :)
  9. How much do know about emc?
  10. Alot, on my main account i have like 650+ Days :D i've been around for to long ^^
  11. Just did /p sirzomb to see how long you have been on, says you are temp banned :confused: Anyways, I know I am late but I hope you had a great EMC birthday! Did you do anything special for it? :)
  12. Not kinda,
    I got tempbanned because i teached some young fella's Dutch but i kinda did it the wrong way ^^ I'm unbanned now :)
  13. you thought somebody Dutch? :)
    Are you Dutch, if you are you must be able to read what i am about to say (please dont use google translate ;))
    Als je een echte Nederlander bent moet je dit kunnen lezen.

    If you can read that and understand it, I am proud of you :)
  14. Lol, of course i can read it, And of course i am a true.. How do you say that in english, Ahw... I'm a true nederlander and i'm proud of my dutchness <3 I live in Noord-Brabant by the way :D