[AMA] 3000 posts and 888 days!

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  1. Hello everyone, I am boozle, and I am sure that a good few of you have read my username at least once on these forums, as today I have accumulated 3000 posts. That's a lot of posts. Nearly 888 days worth! That's right, three weeks from today, I will be 888 days old on the empire!

    Of course I will do an AMA! Why not? But a giveaway? Sorry, but not today. I was sorta. Unprepared to do one because I only noticed these numbers a few days ago thanks to hashhog. High school honework piles up very quickly. (H Algebra 2, H English 9, H Biology, H US History). Along with that, I am in the marching band., which takes up 3 hours a day including Saturday. And coincidentally, the fall happens to be soccer season, and I play junior varsity soccer. That takes up two hours a day, including weekends. I also do taekwando which is every Monday and Wednesday for an hour. On top of all that, I had to study for the PSAT's which were today. I have not had time to plan a giveaway or event for some sort. :(

    Even if I had time, it would not matter because I fried my graphics card playing borderlands 2 a few days ago...
    So, AMA!
  2. Cool Beans!
  3. Where'd your username come from?
  4. I would say, just like most people who start playing games when they are young, a childhood nickname. the "628" is june 28th, my birthday.
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