[AMA] 3 Years on EMC Ask Me ANYTHING!!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by BrenJone, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Welp it seems that I have been on EMC for 3 years now! On August 6th 2012, I joined the EMC community with getting a res on smp8. I can only wish for EMC to get better in the next years and to see EMC grow.

    Special Thanks Too:
    I would like to thank Luckygreenbird, BlackKnight1021, Lance2013, SeffyChan, and anyone who has influenced me over my 3 years here!

    Let the questions begin!!!!
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  2. Do you even lift?
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  3. I lift about 1776 lbs.
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  4. How much do you love your FREEDOM.
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  5. Freedom has no limits!!!
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  6. 'Murica?
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  7. Boom? Or no boom?
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  8. Congratulations on 3 years on EMC!

    If you could be a animal what would it be?
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  9. Probably a hawk or an eagle. I get to fly high and look at the puny ground stuck humans. Lol!
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  10. Always boom. No boom is no fun.
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  11. 'Murica **** Yeah!! Coming again to save the save the day yeah!!
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  12. What are your thoughts on the following statement: "Freedom is not defined by the ability to do anything you want, even within your rights. Freedom is defined by when you are given the ability to make the right choice. Therefore, many aspects of America are not truly free."

    Just something a little controversial to make you think, and you seem so patriotic that you would be the best person to ask. =P
  13. On a scale from 'Murica to Freedom, how much do you love your freedom?
  14. If you where given the choice to save one persons life, and everyone else but you and that person would be dead, who would it be?
  15. Do you like-
    Under the dome
    CSI Cyber

    What was you best memory of when you started emc?
  16. Bump, sorry I haven't been able to answer, I'm on a mobile and really don't want to answer with an iPhone.
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  17. Sorry I've never heard of those.
    My best memory of EMC when I started was seeing a mirrored pyramid to the res next to me.