[AMA] 250th day!

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  1. Quistion - Wuts yur favorite Poney
  2. do you like pie????
  3. Pffftttt no.
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  4. Will you speak on mumble instead of your usual noises and screaming?
  5. Happy 250th B.F.O.A.V.G.F.L.A.D! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D image (3).jpg
  6. No.
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  7. :( why nawt
  8. Bcuz.
  9. What was your best memory from each Smp? :p
  10. Smp1: Oh my, me always bugging faithcaster about his quartz prices, then me stealing Narnia from him.

    Smp2: Eating people.

    Smp3: There weren't many memories there, just an eerie silence....

    Smp4: I don't go there that often, so not many there.

    Smp5: I lived here but then soon got bored, but my best memory was making awesome enchanted armor that I never used.

    Smp6: I don't go here that often either.

    Smp7: When I played on Zoe, I went to the LLO when it was newly established, but then I died.

    Smp8: Spamming Kephras's workshop with fireworks.

    Smp9: I'd occasionally visit to say hi to players and see how everyone was doing.

    Utopia: .......silence......

  11. Can I give you cake while also burning pies?