[AMA] 200th Day(including giveaway!)

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  1. It is my 200th day on EMC for me. :) I decided to have a AMA, and I will giveaway 2K!

    A lot of people don't know a lot about me, so here is how I started. (I would really be happy if you could read everything in the spoiler. :) )

    First of all, I really started on the PS3. I loved to play black ops zombies with my friends. My nickname was wise, for some odd reason. But it stuck with me! I then search online and found that a lot of youtubers were playing this game called minecraft. I loved to watch minecraft videos online. When I first saw minecraft I was totally in love with it. I finally got a minecraft account around december, and got a new laptop on christmas. What a LOT of people don't know, wisepsn means something.(IKR lol) Wise is the nickname, and the PSN stands for Playstation Network. My friend GotFreshCookies(was first MajorSkillGaming at the time) was telling me about this amazing server named EMC, so I decided to make an account on the forums and start. (Cookies and I know each other IRL). When I first got on EMC, I had a lot of welcomes. At the time Cookies and I didn't have skype, so it would just be a coincidence if we both joined at the same time and talked. I claimed lots of residences, and it was until the last residence I got that was 930. 930 was special for its name and that villager and animals were spawned on it, meaning it had be unclaimed not too long ago. I had to go somewhere for about a week, so my friend helped me make a shop there. It was the old 930. It was really small, but I really loved the design. He even helped me set up a backyard there for farms and items. Cookies and I had own the shop, and we didn't get lots of money, but we totally loved the ride. At the moment, I was starting to get temp bans and I got a temp ban for 5 days once. My reputation was going down hill very fast, but I got back up. At the time I met awesome people like puffernugget25 and BrickNumber and Cordial_Pie and others, so I had real fun. I then saw people like Todd_Vinton that had lots of money and great mega malls, so after my 5 day ban I decided that I have to get back on track because I didn't want to get perma banned and loose the best server ever. After the ban I got gold supporter for 2 months and decided to release another res and a new mega mall. I then met one of the most best people today. Brickstrike. After I met brickstrike, what we would really do is hang out in New Republic, a outpost on smp9. My mega mall had fallen through and I didn't know what to do after that. So after I lost my supporter, one of my best friends puffernugget had been banned for illegal mods. I even stopped working on my mega mall, so then I just wanted to have fun. I wasn't getting a lot of money, but I didn't really care. I decided to work with GotFreshCookies and jjhhgg100123 on a building supply company. I don't get the best money, but it will help me now that I am starting to work on my mega mall again. And now we are here today, me, making a topic about who I was, what my goals were, and my AMA.

    2K Giveaway!

    3. DragonFlame356
    13. PenguinDJ
    15. redfire23
    16. WolfThunderblade
    20. GotFreshCookies
    27. xHaro_Der
    28. runtaylorun1
    33. Jimbonothing64
    35. DemonThunder345
    42. Sweetie_Pea
    43. goofballbroker
    47. Electrobomb

    To be entered into the giveaway, make sure you ask a question as well! Thank you! :D
  2. I pick number 27, and congratulations on 200 days!

    You should probably fix this..
    2 mill :p
  3. You're giving away 2 MILLION rupees!!!!!?????!!!!! OMGOMGOMG

    Typo? I'll take 13 :)

    What are your future plans on EMC?
  4. Wow, You joined the same day i joined :D
  5. My future plans on EMC is finishing my mega by fall, and selling even more stuff at my building supplies.
  6. Congratulations on your 200th day! I'll take 42 please!

    Question: Do you like pie? :D
  7. Yis. I love apple pie the most. :)
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  8. Happy 200th day on EMC Buddy and am I really your best friend? And I want 20 :)
  9. Of course cookie expert! :3
  10. What's you're favorite color lol
  11. Blue. Defiantly blue.
  12. 15 plz and happy 200th
  13. 16 pwease, and, what is ur least favorite number between 14 and 17000
  14. 47 and do you like trains?
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  15. Wherd You Get that from
  16. I already said 3 and my question is why did you name ur name wisepn
  17. Congratulations! can I have 33 please. What made you stay at emc for so long?