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  1. Hello. I reached 2000 site posts (This is my 2000) and would like to do an AMA. The one I like best at the end will win 350 rupees. (I know its little but Most of my money is going to my project)
    An AMA is Ask me Anything. Example: What did you enjoy the most on Emc?
    Well thank you all and, Begin!
  2. Do you like COD?
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  3. Oh yes I do
  4. I swear like last month you said you were 9...

    Are you a time traveler?
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  5. How in the world was I 9 last month. New question. I swear to god I am not 9 or 10 or 11
  6. Then how old are you >:U
  7. When you grow up do you wanna be a potatoe
  8. No. A banana!
  9. Do you like to throw melons from a high building?
    Because i do XD
  10. When you grow up, do you want to be a properly spelled potato
  11. Oh yes I do.
    I am guessing I now want to be a hotdog. As my friend is going to be a banana for Halloween and then one when we grows up.
  12. do you think that EMC will die in the year 3000?
    I don't!
  13. And what for melon do you like the most
    (To throw of course)
  14. The whole server will have grown and changed a lot, but not to much from its original form. Everyone will have common sense and we will be advertised on The Mojang website/Minecraft launcher and on billboards. We will also be able to play on iPhone/Android phone and on Xbox. So we can access Emc on the go.
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  15. You didn't answer my second question :(
  16. Whoops. I like to throw them at Qwerty when He is building things. :)
  17. Samen that should hurt :)