[AMA] 1000th Post (My First Public Event) And Songs Alerts!

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  1. Hi Empire Minecrafters

    Basicly I got to 1000 posts, So yeah ask me anything... *hopes an admin come and asks me to be staff* So get asking! The best question will get my head and a signed book (only 3 of these exist currently). I'll answer questions every time I get 5 questions.


    Basically i'm planning on 3 song. Two will be the soundtrack for promotional videos for Empire Minecraft and the other will be for the views.

    here is the start for the emc song:

    I wanna join EMC so very bad,
    logging in to fresh vanilla fun,
    chatting on the forums and finding to custom stuff.
    Join us on the best SMP server ever SMP?.Empire.us! (<---Chose the server name)!

    and the rest is up to you... we want to tell the world of the great things in EMC! If you want to help sing this let me know, this is after all a server song! If a admin could help film it please let me know! for inspiration heres a Slowking I'm using for my LP team for Pokemon!

  2. What inspired your name and skin, and do they relate in any way? Congrats on 1000 posts! :D
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  3. I got my name because I like iron. But I added the swordplay bit cos I thought it was boring otherwise. My skin I got cause of my name and cause I own a business on emc but I'm going make my own one day.
  4. Do you like poetry?

    I might think of something
  5. Ooooh, I always looked at the "ironic" part as the word ironic, as in with irony. How ironic. :p That explains the golem, too. Nice!
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  6. Congrats on 1000 posts :)
    Im almost there too! :D
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