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  1. Well, this was my 1,000th post! Title says it all! :)
  2. Where does your name come from?

    Fav color?

    Fav food?

    Fav EMC Member?

    Fav EMC Staff Member?

    Fav season?

    Fav Minecraft Block?

    Fav Minecraft build style? (Or build style in general)
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  4. Do you like:



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  5. Are you happy to reach 1,000 posts?
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  6. Pies.
    Yes. Yes I am. :3
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  7. If I asked a question, would you answer it?
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  8. Fav EMC building

    Fav time of day

    Fav PC brand

    Fav music genre

    Fav pizza

    Fav pasta

    Fav beer brand :D?
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  9. Congrats on 1000 posts. If you could be a legendary character from a legendary comic book, what would the comic book be called, what would your character be called and what kind of legendary powers would you have?
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  10. 104 and 1211 by far! :D
    I like midday. :)
    Apple or HP - my wife's Mac recently broke down recently though...
    I like Indie rock/techno. :)
    I really like prosciutto and pear pizza - you should try it sometime! :)
    Don't really have a favourite pasta. :p
    VB - Victorian Bitter! :D

    Yessir! :)

    The comic would be called "The Legend of the Legend." My character would be called THE_LEGEND4 (Shows the full extent of my creativity), and my power would be... Uh... Some legendary power? :D
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  11. I think you're meant to say Heineken >.>

    Where do you find that...? :p
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  12. You're too young to drink beer. :p

    Depends where you're from - I get mine from a pizza place down the road, Rococo.
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