Am i the only one?

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  1. Hello Everyone
    I was just wondering if anybody else that is over 200 days old realise that EMC has lost its popularity, i remember playing with players like powerhouse118, XDjzz, shade544, cartercow and others
    but most have left due to greediness or boredom. I use to play EMC for around 5 hours a day, Addicted is the word you could use, i loved it, coming on to a server with 40-60 people on, having a welcoming community, but i honestly think it has lost that.
    I do not think of mine craft when people talk about it, i talk think about EMC, because practically, i thought EMC made up all the elements of minecrafts features plus more
    i dont know about you guys but i enjoyed those old days where whenever i wasn't playing on EMC i was checking the forums and chatting with fellow members
    i can only see sparks of excitement in EMC now, and practically im bored, I've tried starting a new building project but i get bored and quit after an hours work.
    i was only posting this as my thoughts, this is the thing i miss most about EMC
    Old Friends...
  2. You know, the past is always 'better'. But that's only because you are not sure what is coming.

    Think of the dragon dungeons coming soon for example. Have you found a group yet?
    Think of the coming 1.4 updates in about 1.5 month, did you have any plans for that?

    And yes, it is right that some people decided to leave, but give newcomers a chance aswell and I assure you, you'll have a good time. Start new projects, maybe try to get some in real friends to play on EMC too, I'm only suggesting a few things here, but I'm sure there much more things possible than just those.

    Have fun :)
  3. I'm not older than 200days but I think the same way. The servers had around 50players each back in days but now I rarely see 50 online :s

    I enjoyed EMC much more back when I joined, that time we only had around 25k registered members tho, now we have over 47k, and 2more servers has been added since then.

    Now we are around 20players on emc, months ago we used to be around 50-60 :s
  4. ): I remember when I was new, I'd keep getting upset cause the server was full. lol
  5. I joined just after the release of 3 I believe. I'm OLD. And yes, Im starting to get bored.
  6. Well, I joined a few days before 5, and yes, I couldn't get on almost always at that time, but if you want it to be busier, you should go to 1 or 2, there are most of the time like a 30 people on. ;)
  7. Its been fun, but the amount of people on servers are low.
    We need to get more members!
    The empire, has fun stuff coming up,
    The dragon arena.... 1.4......
  8. Well I used to think that, but then I got off my bum, stopped complaining and made my own fun! :D Good luck.
  9. im from 2. 30 people? don't think so theres like 3 people on now as we are speaking.
  10. Oh, lol, when I am on 2 there are like 15 people on, and on 5 there are like 5 on at most of the time.
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  11. Yep sadly our numbers has dropped...Not having any updates for a while due to Justin's IRL commitments likely has hurt us quite a bit, but as you can see that's over, and Justin is almost ready to come back so we will have double the new features then!

    But soon as we get things polished for 1.3 we are going to put a lot of effort back into advertising and pushing EMC. Things will explode again.

    The Dragon Update I anticipate will drive us new users by the bucket load, but we want to ensure EMC is stable and enjoyable before we make such a giant push.

    Just hold tight for a little bit more and things are going to return to normal, I assure you of that :)

    And note, alot of the people who 'quit' has came back! Some on secret alts... Things are going to be ok :)
  12. Sort of like "EMC - Next Gen"... I can't wait. :)
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  13. You arent alone, but Aikar is trying to fix that with new updates which can bring in more people. Jeremy is recruiting a few new moderators to keep the staff active and involved. More people does almost always mean more fun. We don't usually have a problem catching new members. But we need to remember to follow through, and reel them in.

    I hope you find what you are looking for
  14. any game is going to get boring after awhile, especially one that has no end like a minecraft or world of warcraft or sims, etc etc... it ebbs and flows.
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  15. Oh yes, when I joind, i had to wait like 20 min. for a free lot to join... Now there are noly a few people on when I'm on. but the last weeks, when 1.3 came out, i realy had no fun at playing MC, because of the silly piston bug and no working furnace. but now, i want to play on EMC again :D and when I'm on the forum I see only the same people posting like JackBiggin, AlexChance, some mods and a few other persons, that is not a lotfor sutch a awesome server....

    [edit] and this stupid hackers, I hate them!!
  16. I believe between the trouble that the 1.3 update has caused, and Justin's unfortunate absence, there has been an unfortunate decline in server traffic in the last few months. These issues will hopefully be vanquished within the next few weeks, and it will be full speed ahead with some great features on the lineup. :D
  17. I would have to agree with shaunwhite.

    The problems that coincided with the 1.3 release made me want to stop playing altogether, but I tend to hang on and be patient more than most of the populace with such things. Many people left to wait it out, and I would bet many of those got hooked on a new game or something new to them which will last for varying times, few weeks to few months, but minecraft is open ended and always improving, so people tend to come back to it and play in spurts even after they have been away for a long time.

    I may not have been HERE for long, but I am an old hat at minecraft. I have an alpha account, I have run several of my own server heavily modded and vanilla both, and have put more time into minecraft play than almost any other game I have ever played, except for Asheron's Call and maybe a couple other games, but that's just because minecraft is still new compared.
  18. the new advertisement is awesome! Hopefully a lot of players will play on EMC soon :)
  19. as someone who is aged well over 300 days i have to agree. i may not miss the full to bursting servers but when a slot opened up for me to login man the community was great!!! and remember things change that is the nature of the world and good things can happen with change
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