Am i in the Wrong?

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  1. I feel that it's time I put what I do out in the open for everyone to know.
    I enjoy auctions. I bid frequently. And I often don't win the auction I am bidding on.

    When I see an auction that is grossly under priced I make a bid. More often than not I do not need nor truly want any of the items, but I do it in the hopes I can win in order to resell them cheap. Often times I get into bidding wars with others and once the price reaches a level that I deem "fair" or too high for me to break even on I cease my bidding. Some may call this "bumping" the price, but I see it as a way for me to get the individual auctioning their goods up to a price that feels rewarding. Nobody can deny that seeing your full set of high level enchanted armor sell for 4k is quite depressing, but seeing it sell for 20k gives a sense of accomplishment and that one's time and effort was appreciated.

    I understand this is the nature of auctions, but does my desire to get people a decent price on their goods make me a bad or dishonest person? Is the fact that I go into auctions without the desire to personally use the goods wrong? Or even the fact that I don't truly care to win the auction?
    My only goal is to get auctions to a price where people feel rewarded for their time. If this is wrong or dishonest then let me know. When I make a bid I fully intend to pay the amount I set forth. I never make false/fake bids nor do I coerce people to bid more than myself. If I am in the wrong here I am not quite sure what I have done. But maybe my moral compass is slightly askew?

    To top all that off if I try to sell the picks I win either at or less than "fair" market value. My goal here is to allow new members/ members with little money the opportunity to buy high level picks at a discounted rate. Because, let's face it, xp grinding is one of the most boring things you can do on Minecraft.

    Overall I am merely trying to make the auctioneers feel like their time and effort was appreciated and well rewarded while also trying to supply discounted enchanted picks to the rest of the community.

    I apologize for the length of this post. And would greatly appreciate feed back. :)
  2. I think what you are doing is perfectly acceptable. Espintentions of paying if you, especially since you have full intentions of paying if you would win. You aren't breaking any rules. Other people shouldn't bid more than they would be comfortable with.
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  3. I see nothing wrong with what you are doing here.
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  4. Your fine, nothing wrong. Your in the good. :)
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  5. I am conflicted by this.
    On one side it makes it beneficial the auction-er, but on the other hand it is unfair for the bidder as you but in without 100% intention of buying the item.
    In all actuality it isn't wrong if you have the money, but it is if you go into the thing with a friend and all you are trying to do is bump up the price.
  6. I don't get the last part though. Are you saying that you would sell the pick you just payed for to the "runner up bidder" at a lower cost?

    I feel that because you bumped the price on that thread and I really did want the items it seems like I was cheated out of 10-20k just because you were bumping the price.... I am fining paying it because this is still just a game but I feel that it is unfair to bump the price if you have no intention of winning it. If you do not agree with what I am saying please speak and give me reasons why you don't agree with it. If you do agree with and have something to add please feel free to!
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  8. Added more to my post ^
  9. Not necessarily, I guess if they wanted one they could buy it from my res, but I set it up so that members who can't afford some of the picks at their full price have an opportunity to buy them.

    However I do agree with your statement against people going into an auction "together." That would be false bidding in my mind.
  10. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't that what you were doing in the Pig Pack Auction?
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  11. Is RobLikesCake also CMRichter?
  12. No they are 2 different people I believe...
  13. I agree with Bob, you've stated several times that you are bumping the price for the sake of bumping, regardless if you'd pay if you won or not, because your bumping helps the people selling the items. But this community consists of more people than just sellers. What about the person who really needs the items and is looking for a deal? I'd wager there are more of those than people hoping to "feel a sense of accomplishment for selling their items for 20k". If you really want to help the community, don't bid on items you won't use or don't need. It helps the little guys "get a sense of accomplishment" when they can finally survive with nice new shiny items. Plus it may make people stick around longer when they can afford things, instead of getting frustrated with the server and moving on. A person who made a full set of enchanted can do it again...
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  14. Then I don't see where he was doing anything wrong in the Pig Pack Auction. Your post suggested to me that you thought he might have been working with someone to artificially inflate the price.

    In general, I don't see any problem in bidding on an item just for the fun of it, as long as you pay if you win.
  15. First off I am not a little guy ;)

    Though I PMed Rob and he said he was doing it to raise the price.
    So what it comes down to is that Rob and cmr were both just bumping the price while I was trying to truly win it.
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  16. On second thought, this statement from the original post doesn't seem sincere:
    when you take into account that in this thread:

    he was helping a player who is in no way a new member and I doubt has little money. In fact inflating auction prices is a good way to make sure new players with little money can NOT win an auction. I've seen this a lot in auctions, a couple guys bid a few times then someone outbids them and they bail.
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  17. Heh, I meant other auctions in general, not specifically related to the one you were in.... yes, I know you are a ripe tomato...
  18. Exactly
    Maybe I should bring this up with the Cake Party guys...
  19. Based on the comments on your wall, CMRichter, I think you could make a job out of bidding on people's auctions.
  20. No guarantees.