Am I crazy?

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  1. So I hear everyone talking about Herobrine and how he "doesn't" exist or anything and that it is an urban legend and everything.. But am I crazy to want to try to "find Herobrine"? I've gone as far as trying to find servers that have the Herobrine plugin but either none of them still have them or the rules that they have set forth for their server don't apply.. (IE. No spawn camping and coming out to be executed by another player) ...Trust me I told them off on that one and left. But all in all, I have never seen Herobrine or if I have, I wasnt paying attention.
  2. I think to get herobrine to be in your presence you have to play the disc 11.
    But it can only recieved in creative mode. I think herobrine was real to begin with.
    But he has been removed :(
    I really wanted to see him and fight him
  3. Best videos ever when Mr Fantasmo accidentaly installed a herobrine mod.
  4. Yes, you are. Let me give you a example of people who think your are crazy

    Most of EMC.
  5. Disc 11... The broken one?
  6. Actually in one of the updates it said "removed ghost entities aka Herobrine"
  7. ...<,<... Herobrine was removed in 1.2, so he was in the programming prior to the mods..
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  8. No, it's called Notch being a troll -- there never was and never will be a herobrine (except in mods).
  9. Wait... Um, something is messed up... Herobrine has been removed several times... Im looking at the update log and most of them say "-Removed Herobrine" at the end..
  10. Notch wuz probably trolling us and yes the broken disc, that was a myth that i heard about.
  11. for 1.2.5 it says that they removed ghost entities as order from lord herobrine oh and by the way without me knowing my friend installed the herobrine mod so I have fought him blade to blade
  12. Herobrine doesn't exist in vanilla minecraft. Originally the coding was added, but it didn't work so Notch and Jeb decided to scrap it. Then they realized they did a bad job of removing the code. (repeat 3x) And Herobrine is NOT meant to be Notch's dead brother, that is a myth.
    And to answer your question:
  13. With the recent rash of censored logs, they could be secretly planning on making Herobrine the next MC boss entity.. And I was assuming that they meant ghost entities by the tnt ghosts when too many go off at once.
  14. That IS what they meant. Hooray for Jeb fixing everything that Notch was too lazy to do!
    That bug has been around since alpha..
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  15. I wonder what the censored stuff is *looks off into the distance aimlessly
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  16. Talking about boss
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  17. Sorry, its kinda catchy... :3
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  18. lol i was expecting him to pop up from the grave
  19. im a nice person so im gunna say your not crazy youve just got a strange urge for adventure and minecraft hasnt been as fun for you recently.;)