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  1. Hi :) I was just thinking, is there any possible way for EmpireMinecraft to get a third server running? I am always trying to join the server, (I spam the "Join Server" button :D) and it takes forever just to get in. I realize EmpireMinecraft is a successful community, (Congratulations to Jeremy and Justin) but if you can, please try to get a third server up and running. I would become a donator, so I can join even if the server if full, but I don't have money (Sadly). So please, if you can, do it for me :). I kind of hate it when I see: "42/45" people are in the server, and then when I click Join Server, "Disconnected by server, sorry, all free slots are full." :(
  2. Oh, but they are one step ahead of you. In a rather short period of time, the 'smp3' server will be launched.

    That occurs when somebody disconnects, as the server will reserve your slot for 60 seconds after you leave. Odds are, if the server gets down to 42 you will get in.

    Hope you enjoy EMC.
  3. Yes, thanks for the reply. I just finished reading a topic explaining the new servers and when you disconnect, your slot gets reserved for 60 seconds just in case it was an error.
  4. SMP2 is ALWASY full.........
  5. I am worried about the perfomance of the servers with all of these running at the same time do you think it will be able to handle it?
  6. [joke]Which is why we need Obsidian Supporters!

    For just Five Hundred Dollars a month, you can get all these perks:
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  7. I don't mind if the server is full i'll just play in my own server or SP... And i join when i can :)!
  8. lol
  9. The plan is coming together, Justin.
    We just need a few more pros.
  10. ya i hate that -.- :( now i want to get in but i cant :( :eek::(