Alternate Supporter Upgrade Payments?

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Should EMC have alternate payment methods for Supporter upgrades outside of paypal?

Poll closed Mar 17, 2013.
Yes 5 vote(s) 100.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Sup EMC!?!? So for some weird reason paypal won't accept my debit card to pay for the supporter upgrade and even the "No paypal account? Pay using your credit/debit card" link is still processed by paypal and still doesn't accept my card. Now, rather than people trying to troubleshoot me for paypal, I would MUCH rather an alternate payment method. I should also state that I'm Australian and we don't have things like pre-paid debit gift cards. I've seen around the forums people saying it's possible to pay EMC directly via deposits etc, but no details are ever given. If anyone HAS details and doesn't want them on a public forum (understandable) feel free to PM me with the details, although, keep in mind that I'm not an idiot and I won't send money to just anyone.
  2. There's definitely alternate payment methods. Just bump that private conversation with ICC - he gets so many PM's - and he'll try and help you out. :)
  3. Cheers man, I didn't even know I could bump PMs lol, handy to know. Big fan of your shop on SMP2 btw
  4. Just went to the convo, didn't see an option to bump it, teach me your EMC godly powers
  5. Thank you :p

    By bump, I mean just reply to it and it will appear at the top of his list :) Sometimes people do it to threads too, so it shows up on the recent activity sidebar.
  6. To go with this thread, i'll say Yes, i think there should be - My transactions normally take almost 2 weeks, where i have to convert money, contact the bank, have them wire the money to my paypal which takes another few days, and then pay :3