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  1. Hey guys!
    As you know, my in-game name is 'samtheboo.' I have deided with my family to get an alt account.
    I will have 30 spaces open for name suggestions. We will vote on them, and the winner will get $4000 rupees, a shoutout and this banner:

    • No giving items/giving rupees/bribing to people who vote for you. If this happens, no prize will be awarded.
    • Do not put names down. (No saying things that put down a name.) Those will be ignored, and possibly deleted from this thread.
    • Do not fight over the prize. If the winner does not comply with the rules (above and below) they will not get a prize, or a shoutout.
    • This contest must comply with all the commandments. (
    • No one is allowed to say anything like: "If I win I will give u half" If you do, you will be eliminated and your spot will be given to someone else.
    • IF I don't like any of the names, they will all be erased, and this will happen until I find the right username. (A prize may not get awarded)
    Now, here are those 30 spaces. Your own MC name will be put on one of the slots.
    I will decide the winner with my family. (I will not randomly choose a winner.)
    Example: <your username> - <the username that you choose>
    Then it will appear like this, for example: 1. samtheboo - abcdefghijklm

    1. _Stads_ - samtheb00
    2.DogsRNice - DogsRNiceSaidThis
    3.Nole972 - MiniMoose
    4.Seberling - SamIam
    5.BobTheTomato9798 - LarryTheCucumber9798
    6.Equinox_Boss - CliCkMyEggS
    7.Terr - EMC_Addict
    8.AlexHallon - SamMineCrafteroo
    9.Seberling - DeezBlocks
    10.Nfell2009 - BourbonBaby
    11.DangerousPopcorn - EmpireMinecrafter
    12.Sneeker134- McPicker
    13.Glasi13 - Samdaman
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  2. _Stads_ - samtheb00
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  3. That way whether your on your primary or alt account people will know it's you ;)
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  4. The 00 on the end are zeros by the way.
  5. Perhaps let us know what your family enjoys doing? May give people an easier choice. Or better ones.
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  6. Enjoys? Playing MC!
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  7. No, no, no not samtheboo2 I said samtheb00 00=zeros!
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  8. DogsRNice DogsRNiceSaidThis
  9. *Bump*
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  10. We need to know something about you -_- if you make a username without meaning that's just...
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  11. Can we enter more then oncE?
  12. Nole972 - MiniMoose
  13. Seberling - SamIam
  14. BobTheTomato9798 - LarryTheCucumber9798
  15. MinecraftKing
  16. I am sure that isn't taken. /sarcasm
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  17. Equinox_Boss-CliCkMyEggS
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  18. Terr EMC_Addict
  19. AlexHallon - SamMineCrafteroo
  20. Seberling - DeezBlocks
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