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  1. Well, My Paypal account just got limited no way getting it back. So when i tried to pay without a credit card it says i cant. If you can put a option where you can choose Paypal, Visa, Amercan express, ETC. please add these features
  2. PM IcecreamCow - I think there may be an alternative methods of Supporting but it is preferred for everyone to use Paypal if at all possible
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  3. i dont have a paypal acc and pay via visa
  4. You can pay via visa, american express, credit etc. When you go to PayPal don't login using your account, simply go to PayPal's "no account" section and enter your details there that way you don't have to make a PayPal account but you can still support the Empire! :)
  5. Thats what i tried and it didn't work still.
  6. Well then I would start a PM with either IcecreamCow or one of the senior mods. They should be able to solve this issue ;)