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  1. No, I'm not Hawaiian, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. My name is Ken, although in game I'm evidently KAYBEEBEE (lot 6401, represent!)

    It's likely I'm one of the older folk on here at 26. My girlfriend and I play Minecraft fairly often, usually just constructing various things, so I figured it'd be entertaining to attempt doing the same on a larger server. If you need anything, let me know. If I'm on, I'm likely willing to help out, and more often than not if I have something you need, I'll let it go for free fifty free.

    If I'm not on, it's likely that I'm either working or wheeling the snot out of my Jeep (pictured in my avatar at the Trona Pinnacles) and can't be bothered either way.

  2. Welcome to EMC :)
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  3. Welcome to the Empire :)
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  4. Cheers gents.
  5. Welcome to EMC, There are several builders here on emc, Some in town, and some in the frontier at Outposts, and even a built team that builds for the server. You should be able to fit in. :)
  6. Welcome to EMC! That is an awesome jeep! I had a modified Land Cruiser FJ and Nissan Xterra for a while. I had to give them up, but my father and I did a lot of off-roading in the Colorado mountains.
  7. Welcome to the Empire! I like your Jeep, you got a nice shot for your picture too. See you around! :) Interesting name choice, also.
  8. Welcome to the Empire!
  9. Welcome to some of the best months of your life :)
  10. Thanks gents, glad to be here. Definitely looking forward to trying my hand at this multiplayer business.

    Bummer! I've had the TJ since 2008 (it's a 2000). Bought it stock from the original owner and of course, it sort of mushroomed from there. Where abouts in Colorado? I used to live in Lakewood and wheel all up I70 and 285. Places like Chinaman Gulch, Saxon Mountain Rd, Spring Creek etc. are all very familiar territory.

    Thanks, I think Empire took that from my G+ account though, if I had to gamble on it.

    I've got a few others for your viewing pleasure haha

    These 2 are from Slick Rock Road, a trail in California's Sierra Nevada range, about 65 miles-ish South of Lake Tahoe.

    And this one is from 2012 when I was moving from New Orleans to California, taken in Yucca, Arizona. It's an HDR. 7 images at 2/3 exposure value. Have this one hanging on my wall haha

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  11. I really like these two that I have quoted! Definitely looks the part standing against the mountains too! :)
  12. haha indeed she does. It's definitely a fun hobby. I imagine it's a lot of the same reason I enjoy Minecraft. The Jeep is essentially a set of Legos for adults, granted it's a bit pricier.
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  13. Welcome to the Empire.
  14. Welcome to the Empire! :) BTW, 26 is young... hehe
  15. haha good to know. You don't happen to be from Dresden, NY eh? I ask because my Father is from the Finger Lakes area (Penn Yan to be precise.)