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  1. Well, this really isn't an introduction, especially to those on server 9. I have been here quite a while and have made a lot of friends here. I probably will not be on EMC much anymore, after about a week or so. Several people have asked for my stuff, and I have decided I am not giving it all to one person. Please don't ask. I will split it among friends and new players to help them get started. I may log on to keep in touch with my minecraft buddies and maybe to build redstone creations for friends from time to time. For the next few days, I will be giving away hundreds of thousands of rupees worth of stuff. We will have a massive tear down party of the World Trade Center I built at 18355 before I go. I'll post event times on my res once they are decided upon. See you there!
  2. Conichiwa and Syonara
  3. your destroying the WTC?
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  4. Teehee wrong section maybe?
  5. Konnichiwa*
  6. What language is that? hawaiian?
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  7. Japanese.
  8. I know it feels kinda wrong tearing down the World Trade Center, but i know the residence will eventually be reset and lost anyway.
  9. I've always wondered, can the admin make copies of res structures and save them or back them up?
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  10. Well what materials is it made of?
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  11. Oh I meant yours! It'd be a shame to simply get rid of it.
  12. tons and tons of smooth sandstone in the towers, glass will be lost but the other structures there are stone brick, nether brick, glowstone lots of sand and cobble