Allowing Snowballs on plots

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  1. I've been wondering if it would be possible to have a flag that will allow snowball pvp on plots. I understand it does durability damage but, is there a way to modify it to where durability damage is "false" ? I would love to have snowball fights on plot made areas or have even competitions.
  2. You could always head over to the PvP Arenas to have a snowball fight with some friends. :)
  3. Pvp snowball fights can only be done in pvp only due to the fact you cant set pvp battles period in your ress. That is why it is limited to smp6 having pvp interaction
  4. In the pvp arenas though, I could easily die. I do not have OP gear to protect me from those who do have it. I've died from one-shots multiple times already. And I have just given up on that pvp area.
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  5. There are now 16 arenas; picking an arena that doesn't have people and (politely) asking people to leave you alone will probably work.
  6. Besides if you ask in pvp some of us may even want to join you!
  7. Can you use snowballs in fair arenas?
  8. No, they are blocked.
  9. I want to have Snow and Iron Golems on my plot but they will not create, waaaaaaaa. alsi the livestock limit is way to low.
  10. Its to stop snow farms and iron farms on plots i believe ;)
  11. Which I don't understand why, since if your not going to make it in town you will just do it in the wild? The only reason I can think of that you would want to prevent this is lag, but I don't think it would be that bad? (But then again, idk :p)

    But back to the OP, when you say PVP, I assume that people are dying? Otherwise, I don't see this being an issue. If its just a "snowball fight", and nobody is dying, it shouldn't be an issue and I don't see why you cant do this now?

    However, what I think would be much better, is a Snowball fight arena, where people get put on teams and when you get hit with too many snowballs (maybe 3 or 4?) your out. The team that knocks out the other team wins.

    This way, you also don't have to worry about those people who want to ruin everyone's fun in a PVP arena by going through and killing everybody. At least a PVP arena set aside for snowball fights would be nice.

    Edit: Oh, I just noticed that this was an old thread that just got bumped again. Huh, well then, I apologize for bumping it again, lol.
  12. I guess if you attack snow golems and iron golems they attack you, snow golems will destroy your armor and iron golems just kill you :/
  13. Snow Golems can't spawn in town because they create snow everywhere they go, which use to put snow all over the road and no one would clean it up. Iron Golems can't spawn because people use to just kill other's repeatedly, and at the time there was no protection for them. I'm sure Iron Golems can easily be protected now
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  14. just stay out of the blue arena, it's the only one anyone ever uses it seems lol