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  1. I am running two Minecraft "installations" through MCPortable, and on my SSP install, I run the Yogbox pack. I really like their minimap and tree mod where you only need to use an axe on the lowest tree stump to take down the entire tree. It makes everything faster, but it doesn't really do anything other than that. Are these allowed?
  2. I dont really know much about the yogbox pack, will have to do a little exploring into it.
    We do allow minimaps, most players tend to sway more towards rei's or zan's minimap.
    Above is a link to our forum page which discusses acceptable mods, basically anything which doesnt give any sort of unfair advantage to you should be ok. Fly and xray mods/texturepacks are definately not allowed, but if you have any other questions feel free to post them in the forum i provided the link for, and once again, welcome to the Empire.
  3. I believe that everything included in the Yogbox pack is entirely client side and should not change your Empire Experience at all. :) Otherwise, you can just use Spoutcraft for Multiplayer and the vanilla MC launcher for Single Player.

    The Treecapitator Mod is also client-side unless installed on the server, which it is not. :) You should be safe.
  4. I have just checked out the yogbox pack, and as far as im concerned it should be fine. Jeremy or Justin will have to make final call, but i dont see it being a problem. :)
  5. Did this ever get approved? I am interested in the tree-cutting thing, so if it's good to use I will be installing tonight. :)
  6. The tree cutting thing will only work on single player, it won't work on the servers, sorry
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  7. I was banned for using a xray "mod" it wasnt a mod though, simply a texturepack that i sware i'll never use again. but besides that, im wondering if its pernament, or temporarily??
  8. You were banned forever because you admitted to using an X-Ray Texture Pack in chat. If you read the Empire Guide, you would know this was against the rules and you would know the consequences of breaking said rules. :)