AllenCorp Closed Temporary!

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  1. Well since i got Banned if I come back I will re-open AllenCorp here is a breif advertisement of us:

    Hello this is AllenMCStudios the owner and CEO of AllenCorp
    and this ad will tell you some info on who we are and what we do!
    Who We Are:
    Well We are a Corporation that will publish and print books we also Are testing Redstone Machines which we will then install if you ask we also are sponsoring New Businesses and stores we will sponsor you but currently cant right now.

    AllenMCStudios---Publisher writer CEO and Owner
    Cadenman2002---Assistant CEO and Forum post Typist

    we are accepting new jobs he if you visit us at /v mercenaries2009 and go to to the 25th Floor and read the signs then msg me and ask for me write a quick application which includes anything you think I should know and that's all bye!