Alleged hacking or magic

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Hack or Luck?

Hack 14 vote(s) 77.8%
Luck 4 vote(s) 22.2%
  1. Was trying to resolve it with Crazy1080 but i guess he went to sleep so I've decided to move public.

    I've made a lil chest in wild so i could have wider range for resources gathering. After i run a bit further i come back and found that some items are lost. So i said to my self - oh well what have you expected... But when i step around to cover and see entrance point i was amased:

    BTW i had to reignite the fire.

    I'm not looking for my items suddenly the theft took only few stacks of wood and bread and some small stuff.
    But I want to get to the truth - that's hacking or not. If not i want to be in friends with the person who's that lucky, if it's hacking i would like to protect my game experience from meeting with same person.
  2. I am sorry, it is late and I may be missing something, but what am I supposed to see?
  3. He had hidden his chest underground and covered the entire thing up. When he returned to the location, somebody had miraculously dug directly to his chest. The images show the direct tunnel dug to his chest and the inconspicuous location used.
  4. Oh ok sorry. It is possible this person has some sort of hack, unfortunately they do exist but we catch emm eventually and ban them.
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  5. I just thought that you might have log or else thing to detect who had destroyed blocks in that location...
    So you could catch that person with hacks
  6. Hahah, that's always funny when you see straight lines towards ore or chests.

    "What X-Ray mod?"

    You could always set up a honeytrap for them and stack some chests together somewhere not too deep from the surface and then hide and wait. :D
  7. i dont know why people do this, they are just jealous of our virtual-fortunes i guess, or they just want to bully
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  8. It it sorta sad we have to say no griefing or stealing as it is bad in real life also... and if players would be nice to others nobody would of had to think of that rule. I hate it how people don't understand such a simple rule... pretty sad tbh :(
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  9. But the person who have done that just took few stacks of wood, bread and smth else what isn't even worth getting caught.... I have no idea what was happening in the brain of the person who have done that...

    May be the fact of how good it was hidden push him to make his move... but even then it was more easy just to cover up - and disappear, instead this immature person just steal cheap stuff worth few rupees...

    And btw left me one
  10. Yep, it would be awesome to leave in perfect world, but we're humans. So there would be always sociopath person who will steal, destroy, grief, and etc.And i'm sure, by the modus operandi, it's some poor kid who thought that he will get some awesome stuff :D

    The same habit will get him banned later or sooner, but the thing i know for sure he's in minority. That's the reason why Empire server is so good for me - mature players at most - less kids who prefer to steal and brake others stuff! And since their not smart enough they use hacks.
  11. mods should be able to check the log on the chest... like hit it as if u where destroying it an it will tell u everyone that uses it
  12. The log for this kinda stuff is crazy...
    No chance any sane person would do so - and Justin is mostly sane from what I can tell....
    I particularly like the idea of some sort of protection against this - but without extra mods would be a challenge.

    I've found a lot of 'hidden' stuff - by observation and the like - I always let the owner of the idea know.... Signs posted and such are probably the best.

  13. Protecting chests in the wilderness will be released tomorrow ;)
  14. Like, Like, Like!
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  15. thank you so much Justin you are the savior of empireminecraft. just another idea.. what if the owner of a lot could separate his res into part so his friends can build there and have their own private flags on that. the reason im saying this is because im tired of letting people build on lots so other people can grief your friends house. if you could do anything about this i would appreciate it.:D
  16. Also, now that i think... if you had fire. - I would have looked for it (sound) - although no chance in Nether I get that lucky and get straight path to it....

    And yeah on the Wild Chests...
    Boo - on needing them in the first place...
    Fix the people - not the problem :0
  17. Doom - everyone can have their own res...
    and /res reset is your friend.
  18. i know everyone can have a res but what if you could have like res1/2/3 and be able to port to them /home1 (origonal house) /home2 (for a home on a firends res) and so on
  19. You can have multiple residences if you are a Gold or Diamond supporter, and then the command is /home 2 /home 3 so on...
  20. I think Chuck Norris came by and the chest dug itself out for him :D
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