All you need to now about wolfs!

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Do you like Dogs/Wolfs or Cats/Oncclots more?

Dogs 13 vote(s) 65.0%
Cats 6 vote(s) 30.0%
Neither 1 vote(s) 5.0%
  1. Wolfs can be found in Forest bioms and snow bioms.
    They can be tamed with bones that you get form killing skeltions.
    Do not hit a un-tamed or all the dogs in the area will start to attack you.
    You can Bread the dogs with meat, if the dogs are tamed then the puppy will be tamed too.
    you can turn a dog back into an egg by right clicking it with a stick, if the wolf was tamed you will have to retame it when you spawn it again. Right click the Wolf (With out a stick) will make it sit (Thanks for reminding me about sitting Zulu9).

    Wolfs and Dogs are the same thing.
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  2. This made my day ^^
  3. Another face is that their tail shows their health, if their tail is aligned with their back (if their tail is as straight as their back) theyre at full health, and the lower= lower health
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  4. :) Glad it helped you.
  5. Also right click animals (without holding a stick) and they will sit down and stay.
    However I noticed if I go really far away they will spawn next to me even if I made them sit before.
  6. Whats an Oncllot? :p
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  7. Do you like Dogs/Wolfs or Cats/Oncclots more?

    Don't you mean an Oncclot? ;)
  8. wuuuut are you talking about? ;)
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  9. If you guys didn't know already, I love wolves. :D save_1341106636351.jpg
  10. :) Thank you for adding things that i forgot to put in there or didn't know about wolf :)
  11. An Oncclot is a wild cat in minecraft that you find in a jungle biome