All you need, less than spawn prices!

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  1. /v 15133 (SMP7)
    Come check out aguyintheshower's wonderful shop o' stuff! Buy/Sell Dirt for FREE and buy sugar canes, wheat, pumpkins, melon slices, seeds and more for less than town shop prices! Will expand shop if I earn more money and may start letting out shops to others!
  2. What server is it on?
  3. TBH, being less than /shop prices isn't really an achievement. Then again, have this:
  4. nice achievment....
  5. Thanks :) I also have this one if the shop is more expensive:
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  6. I like that one even better! :D
  7. I agree, but still. Gets business :)
  8. SMP7
    I will update the post as I forgot to add that ;)