All who have a wii u read this

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by jtc0999, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. I'm looking for friends on the wii u, so i'd be happy if you could send me a friend request. My name is also jtc0999 on the wii u, and when you send me a request, put your EMC name in the commets. thanks :)
    EDIT: what i mean by commets is when you click, "Send friend request" on the wii u, you can enter a little message there. THAT is where you put your EMC name
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  2. how do you have a working wii u lol
  3. What's wrong with yours? i might be able to help you
  4. *Delete "rs."* :p
  5. i don't understand... what do you mean?
  6. just Google "wii u flashing blue light"
  7. hmm...
    did it ever start? or has the blue light been flashing since day 1?
  8. never started but we sent it to nintendo
  9. What did they say?
  10. I cant connect mine to the internet :( But then again, I only tried once.
  11. how is the wii u, any fun?
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  12. The only games I have are Mario and Nintendo land, I'm not much of a Mario fan, but the game plays fairly similar to other Mario games. And Nintendoland is much better than I expected :D
  13. The wii u bring a total diffrent experance to gaming. I have played zombi u and rabid's land, and LOVED both games. i reccomend getting it :)