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  1. V.I.P Diamond tools is my new shop
    Is Very *really very* exclusive for V.I.P. only, i will kick this bussiness off with 3 of the best pickaxes in the minecraft world.

    Level III unbreaking Diamond Pickaxe:
    - 8,000 rupees/each

    *more to come on stock, just don't want to mess with the existing auctions*
  2. who is VIP?
  3. Just unbreaking on a pick is rather worthless to me personally. The pick will last like 30% longer with Unbreaking III, but for 8k I could get enough diamond to make like 50 diamond picks. I think people more want efficiency, silk touch, and fortune combined with unbreaking so that the other effect lasts longer. But thats just my two bits on unbreaking.
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  4. im still experimenting with this, i will shure find a price that makes everyone happy :)
  5. Unbreaking III makes a pick last 4x as long(approx) I agree though, people mainly want efficiency, as well as other things such as fortune and silk touch.