All End Portal Cords for Free

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Should we have a /end ?

Yes 15 vote(s) 40.5%
No 22 vote(s) 59.5%
  1. Hey there its NINJATTILA and I've decided to get all the End Portal Cords for free after seeing some silly and expensive deals so please PM me if interested

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  2. Dont post them in public, offer a PM service to people. Posting in public screams grief me. PM them to interested players
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  3. OK I'll edit the thread
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  4. I think it is ok, for people to know where they are- but not a teleporter to them...
  5. I forget what end it is, but one of them has a community, a whole village in them. So giving out coords/tele to them would mean insta grief.
  6. ehh NO it ruins adventure for peolple who dont want to fight anything, just find it as a ques, it ruins the fun
  7. Yeah I guess you guys have a point about there being instant grief and the end is for those who put hard work into things, so basically the people who deserve it discover the end
  8. plus I put twenty-four cold hard hours into building that enderman farm:p
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  9. *cough* gimme all de smp's co ords for end portals please... *cough*
  10. lol, ill give 'em to ye' pig. your trustworthy and I already know where they are :) *cough* JK *cough*
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  11. Yea I am trustworthy :p
  12. PM me about the coords please
  13. Why did you bump this thread?
  14. Why did you bump this thread?
  15. Good job at bumping an old thread...
  16. Hooooow rude!
  17. Why didn't you bump this thread?
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