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  1. This thread was created for members to share facts about themselves, and I guess to also discuss
    personal Minecraft stories.

    I will post mine when I get to a computer next ;)

  2. I like chicken
    I like eating chicken
    Chicken is good
    You can now see how normal I am XD
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  3. MissMadison910 is my sister
    AvonCalling69 is my brother
    I'm actually 11
    I love sports
    I still can't craft things very well on MC
    My siblings and I are 1/4 Chinese
    I loooove BBQ pork buns
  4. Seriously this time:
    Jamesg003 s my brother, I know minerpro47 irl, and kevingao but he got ban hammer'd for griefing the end.
    I can't build crap
    I like chicken
    jamesg003 is a bus
    Did I already mention chicken?
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  5. I realized today that much more Asians live in my town then what I thought.

    I play Percussion.

    I like to build stuff in CSP. (Creative single player)

    Lots of people in my school aren't the smartest, think they know more then they do, and seem to think their swag is going to carry them though life.

    Most popular girls in my school have one thing in common, and that is they all claim to be Beatles fans. Ask them to name five songs and Yellow Submarine cant be one of them, and they will have nothing.
  7. You sound really normal.... 'SECURITY!!!!'
    ^^Remind me how I'm related to you please?^^
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  8. I like porkchop :D
    I am 14
    And i am a newbie with redstone mechanisms :p
    • I seem to enjoy about anything you can do on a computer
    • My parents disapprove of my lifestyle
    • I live in an uneventful town, no crime or anything
    • I like books, I generally read through them in a day, and absorb everything.
    • I am a brony, and haven't gotten my fix in a while
    • Creative Mode is the only other mode I play beyond multiplayer, I hate survival
    • I enjoy modern builds, and am currently working on a large city project
    • Gaming is my life
    • The real world is my second life
    • I'm trying to learn how to create electronic music
    • I enjoy writing of most forms, mostly sci-fi, and comedy articles
    • My school is known for not being a place where intelligence goes to die.
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  9. Last year my birthday was on the 9/10/11 (cool huh)

    I'm 7th tallest in my PCG ;(

    I have been in all of the Australian Math Competitions (yr3-6)
    and scored in the top 17% in year 5.

    My favourite netball positions are WA, GK and GD.

    I'm asthmatic.

    I like MNDR's electronic music

    I can read through books super fast

    I can type & write without looking

    I can type with my elbow

    I can't play an instrument to save my life.
    (In year 5 I got the biggest and ugliest instrument, the Tuba, scared me outta my skin)

    My eyes and hair change colour each season, for instance my hair goes Dark brown in Winter, and my eyes go dark green, but in Summer my hair goes a golden colour, with blonde tips... Hmmmm.
  10. I'm afraid I never heard of netball...
  11. Ask google, he'll find some information for you :p
  12. The page was enough to know that I currently know enough.
  13. I'm 11, born on 4/16/2001
    I have a dog
    I'm 4'10 and 78lbs.
    I hate anything involving writing (Except this)
    I love math and tech.
    I have athsma
    I'm getting glasses tomorrow, even though I really don't need them, and I think I'll look dorky in them.
    My vision is 20-20 in my left eye and 20-35 in my right
    I'm right handed
    My older brother is Qwertyzzz18
    My alt/friend is footballian
    I hate almost anything aquatic
    The "Q' key on my laptop doesn't work that well ( I needed to use it 3 times so far! :eek:)
    I go to a school for gifted students (private school)
    I'm a VERY picky eater

    Anything else you want to know? ask me!