Alive on SMP9

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  1. Hi all. Been playing for a little over a week and trying to get the lay of the land for a new game (only been playing MC a few weeks) and first multiplayer server I've tried.

    I'm looking to get more involved, and would like to find some good info about whats happening on SMP9 (other then the very long and dramatic 2NR thread....). So hello everyone, and whats happening on SMP9?
  2. Smp6 is a server where is you do /v pvp, and there is pvp. 4 epic arenas and 4 more fair pvp arenas. You won't loose anything at all, in the pvp arena. There is no durability, but arrows, potions, food, and other consumables will be lost. Hope your time here is great!! I am sad for you but the epic Easter Promo has gone... they go for 6,000-15,000 rupees. It halves the cost of eggification outside of town.
  3. wait the promo is gone?
    and he asked smp9 not smp6
    and when my computer is broken..... why does everything good happen when i have no way of being there :(
  4. 1:Yeah
    2:Just sayin'
  5. Smp9 just got a new public sheering farm!