Alice and Parker's Winter Park

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  1. Merry Christmas EMC!
    Me and my friend AliceF3 have been working on a small project lately. We'd like to introduce you to our Winter Park this Christmas, at 9124 on SMP4. :)
    Our Park is divided into 4 sections.
    Here there are four log cabins available for rent, and a small shop. The price for each cabin is 150 rupees per week. The cabins include a bed, crafting table, a chest (We promise not to touch any items you put there. :)), an anvil, and a furnace. We will set up an access sign for the door as well.
    I watch you in your sleep.png

    Here is just a casual place to walk around on the ice. Pretty simple.
    Ice Pond.png

    This is a great place to look around and enjoy the Christmas spirit. :D
    Christmas Tree.png

    Here you can purchase some cheap food and have a chat with your buddies. We are currently selling soup, milk, water, carrots, bread, and pumpkin pie.

    Hope you enjoy yourself here, be sure to tell your friends. ;)
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  2. yey
    ('Nuff Said, Mkay? I saw it, it was awesome)
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  3. Added manual shop to Cafe so you don't have to wait for an employee to come on. ;)
  4. Bump :p
    We both worked very hard on this! Any feedback is appreciated!
  5. This looks very nice... I would like to rent one cabin for this week
  6. I'll tell Parker about it when he gets online :p
  7. Thank you! I'll set up a cabin as soon as you send 150 rupees to one of us. :)
  8. Thank you. Your cabin is the first one to the left. :)
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