[ALERT] Twitter Trending

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Think we can do it?

Heck YEA! 7 vote(s) 70.0%
LEROY JENKINS! 8 vote(s) 80.0%
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  1. This is a goal for us EMCers, if this happens I will hold a head drop for myself, similar to IcC's only I would be much rarer :cool:

    Get one of the following hashtags on twitter to be twitter tranding:
    This would be awesome, and remember to add @EmpireMinecraft so we get more members (if people check out the hashtag lol)
    Oh and thanks to princebee for the idea:
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  2. Only if i had a twitter.
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  3. Twitter, hashtag world. *puts on gas mask* I'm going in
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  5. Bump!
    I'm not putting a deadline on this, but just get people to #BurningHamsters
  6. #StillBlamingAikar
    But I won't if this happens.
  7. Done \o3o/
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  8. :D
  9. Hey guys.

    Setup a specific URL to use on your tweets that will help us keep track of people coming in from Twitter. Please use the following URL in your tweets:

  10. Oh just to let you know it says the recommended server is smp6 but I think you should change it to the empire.us join address thing.
  11. Sweet :D
    Thanks IcC :p
  12. #NoWeWON'TStop
    This offer is still on the table,
    to sweeten the deal, if it makes it to twitter trending, I will give away rupees (like a lot too :p)
  13. WHOA! That was a lloooong time ago...
  14. How in the world is one month a long time -.-
  15. well, it was last year :p
  16. Point taken xD