Alert on the website when you receive a rupee payment, when you're not on the server?

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  1. I do a lot of auctions (kinda) and Im wishing I knew when they pay if im not on the server. Is there a way I could receive a notification for that on the website?
  2. *Mega-mall owners*

    You: Derp derp derp
    Your alerts: OH MY GOODNESS!!!
  3. You have recieved 1748 alerts becuz somebody decided to buy your arrows 1 at a time till they got what they wanted...
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  4. I think he means payment only, not linked to shops. So only when someone does /r pay user amount
    The Rupee Transaction thing works for this, also if its a big enough auction you should notice the change on the home screen where your rupee count is shown.
  5. Every time I suggest something I become laughingstock xD
  6. Don't feel bad. Most idea's don't go through. No idea ever becomes a laughing stock, though. It is just there are consequences if it were put in place.
  7. Yeah ik. xD Just laughing at myself :p
  8. What I like to do is start a pm with the winner of my auctions to let them know they have won, remind them of the amount, and any other details like pickup location. I also ask them to let me know once they have paid so I can set up the chest. You will get your alerts as long as the winner can follow instructions.
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  9. Thats a good idea! Thank you