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  1. Hello EMC'ers, it's Alarm here and this is my Youtube channel for when I return to EMC for good after my exams are finished. I am busy studying at the minute but I am working out a schedule for the summer months and if I can achieve my goals on EMC within the two months that would be great. Any new videos that I upload will be posted on this thread for everyone to check out.


    I used to make a lot of videos on EMC which was of me and 72Volt's Outpost which was Concordia but after Concordia died out and 72Volt became less active I started to lose interest but now I have returned after a 7 month break which I can say was well needed after spending somewhat of a year playing. My channel will consist of Let's plays where I will be starting a new outpost on a server (yet to be decided) and other things such as PVP, Mob Arena and other servers as well such as WarZ and maybe someone other games I haven't decided yet.

    If you have any suggestions/requests for videos then comment down below and be sure to subscribe to my channel to see all the best content on EMC.

    If any of you other EMC Youtubers want to do some collabs then be sure to drop me a PM or comment down below.



    Before Return - 100 subs
    End of Summer - 500 subs
  2. I'll be happy to do a collab :)