AIRPARK at 6070

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  1. I'm going to try to build airship and airship ports near the top of my res, but i need supplies :( Anyone who donates will receive free access to an airship lot (basically your own airship with a shop, house, etc.). i have a pine log donation chest at my res 6070 and if you donate please comment on this post how many logs you donated. Thanks ^.^
  2. Pine is the darkest kind right?
  3. Yes pine is the darkest, oak is the light brown, birch is the white and jungle is the brown one where the lines go side to side.
  4. Okay thanks :)
  5. Terr and daegoo are you guys going to donate?
  6. Yes, I am farming trees now :)
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  7. remember to comment how many you donated
  8. Well Terr it look as if you are the only player willing to donate. You'll have the ONLY free airship in the port
  9. Woot I am working on farming those trees, may be a small donation at first, but more will come.
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  10. il donate about 1k will that help?
  11. i want that airship
  12. how much per airship to build also can you make teh hindenberg even though its german?
  13. Yes that would deffinatly help, but pine logs are the best donation i can recieve
  14. what do you mean by
    And I'll try to make the Hindenburg ;)
  15. ok ill get pine logs but first free eggification in ze wild
  16. Donating 36 logs, more to come
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  17. wheres the airship i dont see one?
  18. Well, first i have to make the ladder. Done. Then, I have to make the port, which i havnt started. then comes the ships