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  1. So, i've been playing AirMech for awhile. It's a great game, and its developers helped to work on my favourite PSN game: The Fat Princess. It's FTP, and Youtubers such as chimneyswift11 and HuskyStarCraft have been doing LPs on it and such.

    It's also a Tower Defense game, with elements that feel, and play, like Starcraft.

    My username is xthordragon.

    Anybody else want to play this? Or are some of you playing it now?
  2. Is it free?
  3. FTP = Free To Play :)
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  4. Is it a PC game?
  5. You can download it for PC or for chrome, for non-pc users.

    It is also semi-availible through steam if you Purchase the beta Bundle.
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  6. Yup.
  7. Then I'm goin' to play.
  8. so.. im in game... iSmooch :3
  9. If you see me in-game, just note i'm a bad noob xP
  10. I will give it a try on this game. *downloads game*