Aikars love life, revealed!!!

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  1. When aikar came to help me with some friends today when we got griefed, the secrets of aikars love life were revealed. Explain, Aikar! we're waiting!!

  2. Doesn't he date Maxarias?
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  3. Wrong Maxarias (another mod) is aikars fiancee she admitted it on a link on one of the threads.
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  4. lol imgine killing him XD next sign in

    You Have Been Banned! Reason: Killing Aikar as he recorded you do it
  5. I wouldn't really use the word admitted...
  6. Sorry I didnt know how to put it
  7. That was such a terrible reason for him to be there though.
  8. You're framing him.

    He must be AFK when you put the sign in....
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  9. I think "announced" would be more suitable :p
  10. Is that from our wild village
  11. I don't think I invited you to our camp.
  12. Me and frankie Have a different village on smp3 that was griefed also
  13. Gny, i'm at a different base now, I moved due to mass greifing at your one, sorry.
  14. Yea, Aikar would capatilize Justinguy. You guys have to spot out the flaws! :p
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  15. If you ever need a really far out place, contact me.
  16. Exactly. This is a troll thread...
  17. No, Aikar dates me :p / sarcastic
  18. Biosexual?
  19. Dude seriously? Take a joke?
  20. I do. It was a joke question xD
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